From $4.95 – $99+

We offer sake with every meal from the very affordably priced to the upper-end of the price range where the higher quality and amazing taste is easily noticeable.

We also offer bottles of sake for sale in our sushi cafe store (left of entrance) whre you may buy a bottle and drink with your meal or take a bottle or more home with you. We have a sake club where we offer attractive deals and discount prices. Just ask our sake expert for advice and recommendations for your meals, sushi or otherwise.

At the time of your meal we do also provide a three to four selection of a variety of Sake depending on your meal. This way you can also enjoy the severla varieties of our Sakes that we offer.

If purchasing a bottle with your meal, you do not have ot finnish the bottle if you chose not to. We will just store it for you up to 90 days for you to enjoy then next time you pay us a visit!


Take-Out Options

From $14.95

We don’t believe in take-out orders being any different and held to lower quality and freshness standards as some other places do. (Think grocery store quality…) If our standards are not up to our standards with everything we make for you we will offer you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Our take-out options start at $14.95 and come with soy, wasabe and pickled ginger if required. Other dishes also come with their usual condiments.

For any custom orders we do not provide on a regular basis please give us at least 12 hours notice so that we are sure we have the ingredients needed to make your desired choice.

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you can find us

2215 NW Allie Avenue

Hillsboro, Oregon 97124

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contact us

email us: [email protected]
give us a call: 555-999-7667

Stop by, try our sushi or pick up your order. We are open every day from 11 am – 9 pm and closed on Sunday. You must be 21 and over to order any Sake.


We hope to see you soon!